11 July 2016

Introducing now: Madmin. Your personal budget management app.


What is Madmin?

 It’s a (totally) free mobile application built in to help you take control of your money flow. Made for non-complex budgets. Start educating yourself by using this tool now and be able to make good future decisions.

Install it here.

  Why Madmin?

 There is a bunch of similar applications intended to provide you the same out there on the market, but what differs Madmin from the other ones is the proposal to bring discipline to your financial life. Discipline is what will put you back on the track of money health. The first step for a well-controlled budget is visibility, and Madmin gives you a clear overview of the paths whose your money takes since it reaches your pocket. Furthermore, you need to compare those paths’ flows to eventually do balance “expenses traffic” according to your needs. After that analysis you’ll be ready for the next step: Decision-making.

  How does it work?

 There’s no automatic inputs. No bank account integration. The intention here is self-education and to achieve that, you must do each input by yourself. After all, automatic data inputs from bank account history, for example, usually don't contain information regarding the kind of expense. And the kind of expense is crucial for keeping track on how you are spending your income. These kinds of expenses (or incomes) are playfully organized into boxes in Madmin. Each box represents a destination for your spent money (i.e. health, education, entertainment, etc.). By default there are some ready-for-use boxes when you install Madmin, but you can (and must) create your own ones. You can also delete them if they make no sense anymore for your needs. Be aware that when you delete an already used box, each and every data inside it will vanish away as well. We highly recommend you to keep the boxes, even if you are not using them. That's to keep tracking of the average expenses. Anyway, you are free to do delete a box. Mistakes happen while creating or using a box and therefore deletions may be necessary. Once you’ve have created your own boxes, you are ready to start using Madmin. Each expense and/ or income can be input inside each box and we recommend that you do that immediately after buying something or receiving money. Madmin works within monthly periods of date and you can only make an input within the current period. If you are buying something on December 31th at 11:55 PM you should be quick to input your expense because you have only five minutes to do that! Don’t get pissed off about that! This is just part of the self-education process. Madmin intentionally closes past periods to help you get used to register your expense immediately and this feature will keep you on the track of good practices for achieving your goals using this app. After the first month using Madmin, data will be computed and you will be gifted with the most useful and impressive feature: the balance and average expenses along with an embedded bar chart, right on the main screen of the application. This bar chart clearly shows you whenever you are having expenses over (red) or under (green) the box expenses average. Averages are computed using monthly data by each box. The chart shows which boxes are over or under average and the percentage of expenses per box. That means if you have spent $ 500 with education in a given month and it was your only expense on that period, therefore the “Education” box will be shown up with a full bar on the chart (100%). If you have more than a month of application usage (and thus an average is available) and your average expenses with education is $ 500 or under, then bar will be green, otherwise it will be red. At this point you will have all you need to make decisions about how to spend your money. You can avoid keep spending money on a box that is red, for example. But have in mind that good decisions only can be made when you have precise information, which means that you must not lose any data input. Please note that the balance only can be computed if you have inserted any income. Monthly incomes (like salary, for example) can be inserted on the main screen of the application. You can also input individual incomes per box. Have in mind that incomes are not on focus in Madmin world. Of course it’s part of the process of analysis but the most important is having your expenses updated. Planning future decisions is a complex task that may demand more than Madmin can offer. But what Madmin offers to you is the ability to start this process so you can have the chance to keep things in control on shortly, in order to get ready for reaching higher skies. Everything made simple. Madly simple!

  Questions you may find useful How to create a new box? 

Touch the Madmin logo in the upper-left corner to show the main menu. There you will find an option to create a new box. Type in a name for that box and confirm. Madly simple!

Can I rename a box?

 Yes, you can! Simply hold pressing over the box until the menu appears. Choose “Edit” and type in a new name for the box. That’s all!

  Should I delete a box? How can I do it?

 Although you can do it, it’s highly recommended that you only delete a box if it’s empty or in cases when you are quite sure that the box is useless. Any data inserted inside the box will be deleted, no matter if the box is empty in the current month. To get rid of a box, hold pressing over it until the menu appears. Choose “Delete” and confirm.

  How do I input an expense?

 Touch a box and in the box screen touch the red button on the lower right side. Choose a description and the value. Confirm. Good job!

  How do I delete an expense/ income?

 Touch a box and in the next screen touch and hold an income or expense you want to delete and confirm the operation in the next step.

Why should I input an income inside a box?

 Let’s imagine the following scenario: You are drinking some good Polish beers with a good new friend and then you pay the bill in the end of this pleasant evening. Considering you are a very ruled person, you immediately input your expense within your “Pubs/ Leisure” box. But your friend won't let you pay the entire bill because it’s the first hang out you both enjoy together and he/ she thus gives you half part of the expense. In this case you should register this money you’ve just received from your friend. It makes all the sense registering it inside that same box (“Pubs/ Leisure”), right? This is just a sample of how incomes sometimes are categorized and therefore must be kept inside a box.

  How do I input an income inside a box?

 Touch a box and in the next screen touch the red button on the lower-right corner. Choose a description and the value. Confirm. Good job!

  Why should I input an income outside a box?

 Any income that may be spent under any category (box) should be a monthly income. A classical example is the salary. You can add any monthly incomes you need.

  How do I input an income outside a box (monthly income)?

 In the main screen, touch the green button at the center bottom and type in a description and a value. Confirm. Done.

  How can I delete or modify a monthly income?

 Touch the Madmin logo on the upper-left corner to show the main menu. There you will find an option to manage incomes. Any income inserted in the selected month will be shown there. You can either delete or edit an income by touching and holding over it and selecting the proper option.

  Madmin only renders current month’s data. How can I see past months incomes/ expenses?

You have two options for changing the current visualization period. One of them is using the main menu by touching the Madmin logo on the upper left corner on the main screen. Another one is touching the date on the upper right corner on that same screen. Choose the month/ year and confirm.

Why can’t I input an income/ expense after changing the period of visualization?

 Because we want to help you create an habit of using Madmin whenever that an expense happens. It’s all about discipline. That's a help for you to achieve your goals having consistent and updated information.

  How is my data stored by Madmin?

 We believe that the best guardian for your information is yourself. That’s why Madmin keeps all your data stored in your own device. There is no information kept on cloud.

  How can I prevent losing my data?

 Madmin has a feature that you can use to prevent losing all your expenses and incomes. It’s the Backup/ Restore feature where you can store a full copy of your Madmin database wherever you find more convenient: a cloud storage service (like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc), email, message services, external storage and so on. You can also chose a database backup file to restore from any of those services. It is strongly recommended that you make periodic (weekly if possible) backup of your data. Do never clear the application data (from OS settings) unless you have a backup file to restore later on, or you will be cleaning all information about your expenses/ incomes and so you will have to start from scratch!

  How to create a backup of my data?

 Touch the Madmin logo on the upper-left corner to show the main menu. There you will find an option for data backup, select it. On the next step you must type in an email address and confirm the backup. This email address field may be filled with your phone account's default email, but you can type in any other address of your choice. This address is used just in case you want to send the backup by email (which is the default option), but you can choose between any other option of storing the database copy in the next step. For example, you can opt for sending it out to Google Drive, Skype, etc. The available options depends upon installed and available apps and current Operational System. Please send the file properly using your chosen email/ storage app to complete the backup operation. A madmin.mad file is received in this case.

  How to restore backup data?

 Touch the Madmin logo on the upper-left corner to show the main menu. There you will find an option for data backup, select it and choose restore in the next step. Once you have created a backup file of your data, you can chose it now using your default file management app. We recommend you to close Madmin and re-open it again in order to ensure that the data are updated. Note: If you don’t have any file manager installed then you'll be not able to restore a file. If the backup file was generated in a previous database version (prior than the current one) you will not be able to restore it - Therefore it’s highly recommended that you generate a backup file right after updating the app.

  How can I give feedback about Madmin?

 Please you are very welcome to let us know how much do you like or not Madmin. Feel free to send an email to the developer: saulojoonior@gmail.com

Install now Madmin for free.

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